What We Do

Adjunct Advisors offers customized solutions for insurance professionals to see success more quickly. We eliminate fear and confusion by using real, down-to-earth terminology - helping business professionals to see the upside of risk. 


for insurance sales professionals  

Through one-on-one coaching and facilitated workshops, insurance salespeople will see success more quickly as they learn modern techniques for attracting and growing in relationship with their ideal clients.

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for Women in insurance sales

Bound & Determined is programming specifically designed for female-identifying insurance sales professionals. Inside you’ll find the tools, resources, guidance and support you’ll need to thrive in your insurance career.


for your group or team

Let’s explore our relationship with risk in this interactive workshop for your group or team. We’ll establish an understanding of risk and build practical solutions for managing risk in our lives - both personally and professionally.

Working with Meg has been like a light to my path for my confidence and tenacity.
— R.B.