The United States of Insurance | Agency Careers

One gloomy day last fall, I ventured down to Chicago’s Navy Pier to attend an insurance industry conference for young professionals, hosted by Gamma Iota Sigma and Insurance Nerds.

I grabbed a seat and introduced myself to Patrick West, the founder of Hedge Quote, and the lively conversation we started that day continued when Pat launched his video series this year - The United States of Insurance. For this project, Pat interviewed a variety of insurance industry professionals to learn more about their career journeys. I’m in good company with you both, Kelsey Alcorn-Brenneisen and Billy Van Jura!

Pat and I covered a lot of ground in our conversation; you can watch in its entirety, or join mid-stream for more on these specific topics:

  • Overlooked aspects of a career in insurance (1:14)

  • A day in my life (4:35)

  • Challenges we face as an industry - and how we solve them (5:58)

  • My personal journey and the building of Adjunct Advisors, LLC (9:54)

  • Thoughts on the future of the industry (18:33)


I’d love to know - what challenges does the industry you’re in face? Do you view your work to be part of the solution? Let me know in the comments below!