Golf. Ugh.

I’ve taken more golf lessons in my life than you’d believe if you’ve ever seen me play.

The robust training provided in my first job post-college included a golf etiquette class - and deeply discounted lessons with a PGA pro - which I took full advantage of on two different occasions.

Of course, it’s the practice I didn’t do that’s really the culprit here, but alas, for many of us in insurance, golf is an accepted form of networking. And, unfortunately for me, golf just isn’t my thing.

I’ve attended so many industry-sponsored golf events over the years - I’ve run the registration process and I’ve handed out the “swag bags” when representing a carrier at customer appreciation events. Then, as an agent - and the customer being shown appreciation to - I simply declined the invites.

I used to think golf lessons should be a requirement for anyone graduating with a business-related college degree. But today, as we work to make a career in insurance sales more approachable and accessible for those just beginning their journey, I believe we can do more than a round of golf to build connection.

I’m so curious - other than golf (!), how have you seen customer appreciation demonstrated? Let me know in the comments below!