Our Customers Have Options

There’s no shortage of opportunities in our daily lives to learn essential business lessons.

Yesterday was no exception.

Many years ago, feeling uninspired and wanting to test my own boundaries, I challenged myself to change my eating in a dramatic way. I chose what I perceived to be the most restrictive diet, and set out to eat vegan for 30 days.

And it stuck.

While Chicago is an exceptionally vegan-friendly city, periodically I find myself away from home and in search of food. I was happy to learn years ago that a certain fast food restaurant that might be known for their, let’s say, tacos, could accommodate in a pinch.

I always place my order very carefully. “That’s right: no meat, no cheese, no sour cream. Right, no dairy. No, I’m grateful it’s not an allergy, just a preference.”

More often than not, the result is not what I ordered. I smile as I walk back to the counter and it’s prepared again.

Would your customers keep coming back if you failed them 75% of the time?

Our customers have options - far more than a hangry vegan in search of tacos at a truck stop in the middle of America - and they may not give us another chance to get it right.

Do you pause for lunch or eat on the fly? Let me know below!