#HaveHerBack | RUN The Series

“It’s really important for women to support and uplift other women. Not everyone has a squad. That’s why we’re here.”

Such an impactful closing line from the trailer for a new series, RUN. Each episode features a woman running for political office; my friend Victoria Elena Nones is one of five women who come together to support her in a variety of ways - including public relations, technology, field work, campaign and fundraising strategy - and comedy, where Victoria shines!

Sometimes our squads come together organically - maybe it’s a group of friends from college who vow to keep in touch after graduation - and they do! Perhaps it’s a team of coworkers who have disbanded but still touch base. For me, on this entrepreneurial journey, it’s been the connection with other women on a similar journey, just like Victoria, who provide the support I crave, day after day.

Take a second to reconnect with one of your squad mates - these connections are so important! Don’t have a squad? Message me here - I have ideas for you!

View the trailer for RUN here: RUN The Series