Can We Talk About Swag?

I’ve amassed quite a collection of this branded promotional stuff during the years I spent working in the insurance industry, and now, as a small business owner, I consider the cost versus benefit of swag as I grow my own customer base.

I have a t-shirt and coffee mug from every company I’ve worked for, and many of the branded pens and notepads I've collected will likely outlive me! Over the years, many stress-reducing toys have been passed on to my adored niece and nephew, and still other items have been given away in our family’s holiday gag gift exchange. Much if it, unfortunately, also ended up in the trash. Can you relate?

One item, though, that I will covet until it serves me no more, is a red umbrella I received several years ago. It bears the logo of an insurance company whose product protects its user, just like an umbrella, and whose logo - you guessed it - is a red umbrella.

In my view, this red umbrella represents the swag trifecta: it is functional, it is high-quality, and it is SO on brand.

I’d love to know - have you received swag that’s withstood the test of time or that totally missed the mark? Let me know in the comments below!