Can Your Customers Find You?

What do you do when you find yourself in the suburbs of Chicago with time to kill? You guessed it - hit the mall!

As I was wandering through a department store yesterday afternoon, searching for “my” department, I marveled at how many of those departments don’t serve me - not at that moment, and not at any point in my life. I also considered how different my experience is when I visit the boutique I frequent in my neighborhood - with its perfectly curated collection of relevant, quality, well-fitting and affordable styles.

For many, carving out a niche can feel risky. If we cast a wide net, we’re sure to attract more clients, right? If we focus our energy on one specific market segment or demographic, aren’t we then leaving all the others to the competition?

My experience shows that when we know who we serve, we make it easier for our clients to find us - and for us to find them.

Tell me below: Who do you serve? Are you making it easy for your customers to find you?


Identifying - and finding - your ideal client is a key component of the one-on-one insurance producer development coaching I do. Message me to learn more!