Are You Curious?

I believe there’s a story within every story, and when I connected with Katie Tomaszewski to chat about insurance, I knew I wanted to hear hers.

Katie learned about the power of community through her regular Pilates practice, and wanting to help other women find the same, she began teaching Pilates herself.

Katie’s journey took another turn when she decided to give up alcohol.

In her words:

Although I never identified as an alcoholic, I knew that it was draining my time and motivation. After giving up alcohol, I felt more at peace and productive - but I felt isolated. I knew I wasn’t alone in this and began thinking of ways to systematically allow people to shift their worlds away from the habits getting in the way of living their fullest lives.

In 2018, Katie launched Drynamics, an intentional living program where participants examine how their everyday behaviors, starting with alcohol, are unintentionally holding them back. Professional coaches provide the resources - and other motivated peers provide additional support.

The next session of Drynamics starts July 7th; learn more here.

I’d love to know - has a simple curiosity led to a significant change in your life? Let me know in the comments below!