Instant Gratification

Networking is like planting seeds.

Follow up is like watering the soil.

Value you create, unrelated to the product you sell, is like the sunshine.

Opportunities that come as a result are like the tiny buds popping at the surface of the soil.

Clients you serve are like the deep-rooted trees that can withstand any storm.

"There she goes again," I'm sure my clients are saying when I spit out another "tree growing roots analogy." I just can’t help myself! It speaks so clearly to the effort, the time, and the patience that is required to build successful long-term relationships.

One of the challenges early career insurance salespeople navigate is the desire for instant results.

Often they’re learning the language of insurance for the first time. Even more, the revenue goals set for production in that first critical year (or two!) are often unrealistic - as are the timelines they’ve set for themselves to see success.

While seeds are being planted and nurtured and the tree is establishing its roots - they can’t yet see it. When we do the work, though, confidence builds and we know that the results will follow.

I’d love to know - how do you manage the desire for instant results in your business? Let me know in the comments below!