The First & Second Sale

In the insurance business, there are two sales that occur in every new deal - the first to the insurance company and the second to the client making the buying decision.

Smart preparation for the first sale can often produce the best result at the time of the second sale.

Later this week, I’ll be joining a team of insurance salespeople for their regular sales meeting; we’ll be talking about the first sale - and unpack the process of building a new account submission, to be provided to the insurance company, that will garner the most favorable response from an underwriter*.

As a (recovering!) underwriter and insurance agent myself, it’s impactful to be able to share insights into the mindset - and often constraints - of an underwriter who is managing many opportunities - and also fears their time and resources may be wasted.  

*an underwriter works on behalf of a provider of insurance and uses the information available to him/her to make a decision about the acceptability of a client for insurance, the terms that will be offered and often how much the client will pay.

I’d love to know - do you have a first and second sale in your business?  


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