Lessons Learned | Lesson One

Adjunct Advisors, LLC is one year old this week!

I’ll be taking a trip down memory lane over the next few days as I share a handful of the many lessons I’ve learned as I’ve navigated this first year in business. Off we go!

Lesson One: Not having a plan is still a plan.

When Adjunct Advisors came to life, I knew the problem I was out to solve and I knew how I was going to solve it. I also knew how much revenue I needed to generate for the business to sustain itself - and that I was the one most capable of doing this work.

I also knew of my love for lists and plans and that, for me, building a traditional business plan was an exercise that I could’ve spent months perfecting - a crutch for me that could’ve easily stalled my progress.

And, because mine is a service-based business and required very little capital to get off the ground, though some were curious about it, no one asked me for business plan.

So I pushed play - careful to stay nimble and recognize when I’m veering too far off course, and to pivot when instinct tells me I’ve done just that.

I’d love to know - are you a “read the instructions first” kind of person? Or do you just wing it? Let me know in the comments below!