Meg Time

Hitting the ground running this morning after a delightful weekend exploring Milwaukee with friends. Our hearts hurt a bit after a disappointing loss on Saturday night, but hope was restored with a win yesterday - such is the life of a Chicago Cubs fan!

I love trips like this - new neighborhoods to discover, interesting food choices, lots of laughter, easy conversation and strengthened connections.

And I also love when these trips come to an end.

It’s taken me time to recognize - and honor - my need to recharge after being “on.”

These days, “Meg Time” is a real thing for me. Sometimes I hold this space as an appointment on my calendar when life is particularly messy. Or, as it was yesterday when I returned home, it was a long walk with a favorite podcast to clear my mind.

However it takes shape, I know it is necessary for me to take this time in order to be able to show up wholly for those in my life.

Love to know - do you get your energy from being with others? Or do you need time to recharge? Let me know in the comments below!