What's In A Title?

If you make your living earning commission from the sale of insurance products, you might be an insurance agent. You might also be a producer, or even an account executive or a broker. Even still, you could be a risk management consultant or a risk advisor.

The title may vary from one organization to another, but the job function is the same.

In the insurance industry, unless you are in - or inching toward - the C-Suite, titles rarely translate.

In fact, I’ve been largely oblivious to titles in our industry as my own career path has taken shape. The focus has been on the function of the job - the responsibility, authority and opportunity.

This isn’t always the case, though, as I was reminded when a friend in an unrelated industry recently turned down a job offer. The title was Manager, not Director, a title she’d earned in her last position, and one she wasn’t willing to let go.

And yet another negotiated a substantial raise with the stipulation that the VP title she coveted must be bestowed within 6 months - and it was.

Titles can be a non-negotiable - or they can be a non-issue.

What weight do titles hold in the industry you serve? Let me know in the comments below!