#HaveHerBack | Leah Neaderthal

I’m pretty terrible at asking for help.

I tackle just about every household task myself (before I have no choice but to call in the experts), and in growing my business, I’m humbled as I realize how many have helped me along the way.

Though sales has been a focus for much of my career, now I'm selling a solution that I’ve built, and to an audience who may not realize that they need it. It’s a heavy sale, and one I’m grateful to have the support of Leah Neaderthal to navigate.

In her words: "After several pivotal career moments, I made a decision: I needed to find a way to sell that felt comfortable, felt like me, and didn't feel like a sleazy salesperson. So over the course of several years, I developed a selling methodology that works, that feels good, and that builds really strong client relationships. Using that methodology, I have a 92% win rate and I've sold over $3MM in work.

Now I teach other women how to do the same thing in their business - because I know how hard it can be when you're so good at everything else."

I’d love to know - are you good at asking for help? Let me know below!


I highly suggest checking out Leah’s free training, The Leads to Clients System, here: ::