The Head and the Heart

They say that life is about the little things, and I was reminded of this when I (finally) turned on my air conditioning this morning.

Nearly 10 years ago, when it was time to put down more permanent roots in the neighborhood I’d grown to love here in Chicago, I sat with my realtor and made a list of my “must haves” for my new place:

☑ Dedicated parking spot

☑ Outdoor living space

☑ Central air conditioning

☑ In-unit washer and dryer

I knew I was home the very first time I turned the key in the lock on the front door of the unit I’d end up buying - I could feel it in my gut. It was THE ONE - but it also had none of these "must have" features.

Over time, I'd begin renting a parking space from a neighbor, I’d work with a specialty contractor to add the washer and dryer I coveted and finally, install that central AC that made me smile this morning.

The heart and mind are constantly coordinating as we consider what is right for us - and heart often wins. In sales, we often focus on the financial aspects of the product or service we offer - lower cost or competitive terms - but we can’t overstate the significance of heart.

I’d love to know - are you a “fixer upper” or a “move-in ready” dweller? Let me know in the comments below!


#HaveHerBack | Leah Neaderthal

I’m pretty terrible at asking for help.

I tackle just about every household task myself (before I have no choice but to call in the experts), and in growing my business, I’m humbled as I realize how many have helped me along the way.

Though sales has been a focus for much of my career, now I'm selling a solution that I’ve built, and to an audience who may not realize that they need it. It’s a heavy sale, and one I’m grateful to have the support of Leah Neaderthal to navigate.

In her words: "After several pivotal career moments, I made a decision: I needed to find a way to sell that felt comfortable, felt like me, and didn't feel like a sleazy salesperson. So over the course of several years, I developed a selling methodology that works, that feels good, and that builds really strong client relationships. Using that methodology, I have a 92% win rate and I've sold over $3MM in work.

Now I teach other women how to do the same thing in their business - because I know how hard it can be when you're so good at everything else."

I’d love to know - are you good at asking for help? Let me know below!


I highly suggest checking out Leah’s free training, The Leads to Clients System, here: ::


What is it about “likes” or “comments” on a social platform that feed us as they do? I can’t quite pinpoint the psychology behind it. Ego? Validation? Connection?

Maybe you’ve shared someone else’s article or spent time to write your own - only to find out, several hours later, not a single engagement! Sigh.

I assure you, though, that people see you - and that’s exactly how I came to know Michael Porpora, AAI, CIC. Michael and I have a common interest - the insurance business - and also share an affection for this social platform.

Our initial connection led to a curiosity, and then support, of one another’s efforts, like he demonstrates in a personal challenge he issued that benefits us all. Michael committed to introduce one of his connections here on LinkedIn to his audience each day for one year.

I was happy to wake up this morning to the news that I’m #215. You can listen to the brief clip below to learn more about Michael’s project and the work that I do.

:: I so admire Michael’s dedication to this project - if you’ve ever issued a challenge like this to yourself, I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments below!


Instant Gratification

Networking is like planting seeds.

Follow up is like watering the soil.

Value you create, unrelated to the product you sell, is like the sunshine.

Opportunities that come as a result are like the tiny buds popping at the surface of the soil.

Clients you serve are like the deep-rooted trees that can withstand any storm.

"There she goes again," I'm sure my clients are saying when I spit out another "tree growing roots analogy." I just can’t help myself! It speaks so clearly to the effort, the time, and the patience that is required to build successful long-term relationships.

One of the challenges early career insurance salespeople navigate is the desire for instant results.

Often they’re learning the language of insurance for the first time. Even more, the revenue goals set for production in that first critical year (or two!) are often unrealistic - as are the timelines they’ve set for themselves to see success.

While seeds are being planted and nurtured and the tree is establishing its roots - they can’t yet see it. When we do the work, though, confidence builds and we know that the results will follow.

I’d love to know - how do you manage the desire for instant results in your business? Let me know in the comments below!


Are You Curious?

I believe there’s a story within every story, and when I connected with Katie Tomaszewski to chat about insurance, I knew I wanted to hear hers.

Katie learned about the power of community through her regular Pilates practice, and wanting to help other women find the same, she began teaching Pilates herself.

Katie’s journey took another turn when she decided to give up alcohol.

In her words:

Although I never identified as an alcoholic, I knew that it was draining my time and motivation. After giving up alcohol, I felt more at peace and productive - but I felt isolated. I knew I wasn’t alone in this and began thinking of ways to systematically allow people to shift their worlds away from the habits getting in the way of living their fullest lives.

In 2018, Katie launched Drynamics, an intentional living program where participants examine how their everyday behaviors, starting with alcohol, are unintentionally holding them back. Professional coaches provide the resources - and other motivated peers provide additional support.

The next session of Drynamics starts July 7th; learn more here.

I’d love to know - has a simple curiosity led to a significant change in your life? Let me know in the comments below!


Can Your Customers Find You?

What do you do when you find yourself in the suburbs of Chicago with time to kill? You guessed it - hit the mall!

As I was wandering through a department store yesterday afternoon, searching for “my” department, I marveled at how many of those departments don’t serve me - not at that moment, and not at any point in my life. I also considered how different my experience is when I visit the boutique I frequent in my neighborhood - with its perfectly curated collection of relevant, quality, well-fitting and affordable styles.

For many, carving out a niche can feel risky. If we cast a wide net, we’re sure to attract more clients, right? If we focus our energy on one specific market segment or demographic, aren’t we then leaving all the others to the competition?

My experience shows that when we know who we serve, we make it easier for our clients to find us - and for us to find them.

Tell me below: Who do you serve? Are you making it easy for your customers to find you?


Identifying - and finding - your ideal client is a key component of the one-on-one insurance producer development coaching I do. Message me to learn more!


"Absolutely Not, Meg!"

It took me by surprise when a friend insisted that the monthly cleaning service she utilized was a non-negotiable; though not outrageous, in my view - as someone who actually enjoys cleaning - it was a “luxury” and one that could go.

She’d recently transitioned from a regular, steady income to one less predictable; as we talked through the financial aspect of this change, we were identifying items she could cut from her monthly budget and those that were essential.

As she continued, I learned that she didn’t feel like she was good at cleaning, she liked that she was forced to tidy up before the crew arrived, and she always appreciated that her place was clean when she returned home.

For her, the decision to hire a service to clean her place gave her confidence, accountability and results. Was she capable of cleaning? Absolutely! But for her, outsourcing this task allowed her to focus on other areas of her life where she could really shine.

I’d love to know - what do you outsource in your life or business? Let me know in the comments below!

Interested in outsourcing your new insurance sales producer development? Two individual coaching spots are available July 1; message me for more info!


Our Relationship With Risk | A Workshop for Women

This past weekend, e-scooters invaded Chicago.

As I was waiting for the bus following a walk with a girlfriend through her trendy neighborhood, I chatted with a couple who approached the intersection at the same time, scooters at their sides. I asked how they liked them, and in one breath, they unloaded their complaints: “the app didn’t work, the scooters were unreliable, they didn’t feel safe, don’t use them!”

If you know me at all, you already know you will never see me on an electric scooter. I don’t ride a bike in Chicago, either, as for me, the potential upside doesn’t outweigh the potential for injury!

When you make a career out of evaluating risk, my stance probably isn’t a surprise. Knowledge, though, is only one measure of our tolerance for risk - our experience and our biology are uniquely individual bases for weighing risk, too.

How is your tolerance for risk? Will you use electric scooters when they invade your community? Let me know in the comments below!

:Women in Chicago: Join me on Saturday morning, July 13th, for a workshop made just for you, as you consider taking a risk in your life or business. More information on the Events page!:

Our Relationship With Risk.png

Can We Talk About Swag?

I’ve amassed quite a collection of this branded promotional stuff during the years I spent working in the insurance industry, and now, as a small business owner, I consider the cost versus benefit of swag as I grow my own customer base.

I have a t-shirt and coffee mug from every company I’ve worked for, and many of the branded pens and notepads I've collected will likely outlive me! Over the years, many stress-reducing toys have been passed on to my adored niece and nephew, and still other items have been given away in our family’s holiday gag gift exchange. Much if it, unfortunately, also ended up in the trash. Can you relate?

One item, though, that I will covet until it serves me no more, is a red umbrella I received several years ago. It bears the logo of an insurance company whose product protects its user, just like an umbrella, and whose logo - you guessed it - is a red umbrella.

In my view, this red umbrella represents the swag trifecta: it is functional, it is high-quality, and it is SO on brand.

I’d love to know - have you received swag that’s withstood the test of time or that totally missed the mark? Let me know in the comments below!


#HaveHerBack | RUN The Series

“It’s really important for women to support and uplift other women. Not everyone has a squad. That’s why we’re here.”

Such an impactful closing line from the trailer for a new series, RUN. Each episode features a woman running for political office; my friend Victoria Elena Nones is one of five women who come together to support her in a variety of ways - including public relations, technology, field work, campaign and fundraising strategy - and comedy, where Victoria shines!

Sometimes our squads come together organically - maybe it’s a group of friends from college who vow to keep in touch after graduation - and they do! Perhaps it’s a team of coworkers who have disbanded but still touch base. For me, on this entrepreneurial journey, it’s been the connection with other women on a similar journey, just like Victoria, who provide the support I crave, day after day.

Take a second to reconnect with one of your squad mates - these connections are so important! Don’t have a squad? Message me here - I have ideas for you!

View the trailer for RUN here: RUN The Series