Lessons Learned | Lesson Three

So many lessons learned this first year in business!

Sharing today the one that is proving to be far and away the most challenging.

Lesson Three: Half price wine tastes just as good.

When more goes out than comes in, shifting my money mindset means, very practically, re-prioritizing where the money goes.

It’s saying “no” to those nice-to-haves: an “I’ll only wear it once dress,” spendy dinners with friends at trendy hotspots, and last minute trips to catch a musician I love.

It also means saying “yes” to software subscriptions, all the taxes, and pretty awful health insurance (don’t get me started).

It means digging even deeper within to acknowledge my own beliefs surrounding worth and money, and to honor the value of the investment I’m making to create a different future for myself.

Let’s just say this particular self-development “opportunity” hasn’t exactly been a perk of entrepreneurship!

Let’s lighten the mood: If you happened upon $50 right now, what would you do with it? Leave your response below!