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Our Relationship With Risk | A Workshop for Women

This past weekend, e-scooters invaded Chicago.

As I was waiting for the bus following a walk with a girlfriend through her trendy neighborhood, I chatted with a couple who approached the intersection at the same time, scooters at their sides. I asked how they liked them, and in one breath, they unloaded their complaints: “the app didn’t work, the scooters were unreliable, they didn’t feel safe, don’t use them!”

If you know me at all, you already know you will never see me on an electric scooter. I don’t ride a bike in Chicago, either, as for me, the potential upside doesn’t outweigh the potential for injury!

When you make a career out of evaluating risk, my stance probably isn’t a surprise. Knowledge, though, is only one measure of our tolerance for risk - our experience and our biology are uniquely individual bases for weighing risk, too.

How is your tolerance for risk? Will you use electric scooters when they invade your community? Let me know in the comments below!

:Women in Chicago: Join me on Saturday morning, July 13th, for a workshop made just for you, as you consider taking a risk in your life or business. More information on the Events page!:

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How Do You Give Back?

I grew up with public television; as a child, I assumed Sesame Street was just a few blocks away, and as a not-quite-teenager, my mother and I spent many winter afternoons devouring the latest installment of the Anne of Green Gables series. More recently, I looked forward to spending my Sunday nights in, watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey.

Through the years, and woven throughout these programs, were the segments filmed in the studio, when the on air talent would implore the viewers to call in to make a pledge to support the work of the station during a pledge drive.

“Who are those people?” I would often wonder as a kid; as a pre-teen it was more like “What qualifies them to do that?” And, a couple of years ago, the question was “How can I do that, too?”

A quick Google search and many volunteer hours later, yesterday afternoon, I again had the total pleasure to be in the studio during the latest pledge drive at WTTW studios, our local PBS affiliate.

To hear the stories of the callers as they recount their own experience with public television was time so well spent.


I’d love to know - whether it’s through a donation of time or of money, do you have a cause you are passionate about supporting? Let me know in the comments below!