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Lessons Learned | Lesson Two

One year down, so many to go!

This week, I’m sharing a few of the many lessons I’ve learned since launching Adjunct Advisors, LLC one year ago.

Lesson Two: People have an inherent desire to help. Well, most of them do.

Building the foundation of a business is a series of very solitary activities. In the early days, I whiled away hours - sometimes entire days - identifying my ideal customer, perfecting a website, a logo, business cards and building the first product I’d launch.

Then it was time to start telling the world what I was up to - and I panicked. It was one thing to sell a product - and totally another when the product was one that I’d researched, developed and then brought to life...and had my name on it!

I started connecting with those closest to me - those I knew would love me no matter what - and told my story. With one single exception, every person I’ve connected with since has been open to learning more about the work I’m doing.

And that one exception - well, she’s a story for another day! :

Have you been pleasantly surprised when you’ve asked for help? Let me know in the comments below!